disappointed once again...

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disappointed once again...
29 Aug 2010
For the most part, Bidnapper has worked fine, however the times when it doesn't work are extremely frustrating.
I can spend a good part of one full day locating a particular item to bid only to discover some kind of 'glitch' in Bidnapper's programming that has failed to respond.
The consistent 'glitch' will be instances of my bid equaling another buyer's bid, yet failing to win.
This morning was not the usual issue in their programming, but a new example of another failed attempt in Bidnapper's software.
My bid was 3 times more than the winning bid, yet , once again, failed to perform.
Chalk it up as another Wasted effort on my part for depending on Bidnapper to out perform.
It would help if they could offer some kind of incentive for me to stay aboard after such a dismal event, yet all that I can expect from Management is an apology.
I can only hope that while I continue my search for a more reliable bidding program , one does exist as I am totally fed up with lame apologies for paid software programs that continue to disappoint.
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6 Sep 2010
It sounds like your problem may just be not understanding things. You can't place a bid for the same amount as the current bid and expect to win. You have you outbid everyone else regardless of whether you snipe or not.
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