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(marketplace advisor) Worthless, janky system, please read this before using this garage software

A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by bigtoe
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(marketplace advisor) Worthless, janky system, please read this before using this garage software
11 Sep 2010
Dear readers,

I switched my inventory to this system about 2 years ago (marketplace advisor, a product of ChannelAdvisor). About 6 into using it and alot of manpower to create templates and learn the system, my products were randomly deleted. The picture, description, and or the product attributes would just be randomly deleted. They had no explanation and could not figure it out. I thought it may have been something more cynical than a system glitch since it was so random and it was the only stuff that could be removed and would still list my product on eBay thus paying fees for all these products without the needed info. I thought it may have been a tech rep their who I got a little heated with. I told them I wanted him blocked from my account and they told me they could not do that! They said all these general tech reps had full access to my account and technically could deleted anything at will! What a joke! My entire business is in the hands of these reps and there's nothing I can do to stop it. No one else had this issue, we even created brand new products to see if the ones we created templates from were defective and those one also were deleted. 6 months go by and it gets worse, I finally shut my business down, partially due to this and not wanting to remake 4000 templates and items. Worst experience of my life in business im pretty sure. There are many other software apps out there I would encourage to look at. I wouldn't wish this problem on anyone, even my direct competitors.
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