eCommerce Consultant Wanted!

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eCommerce Consultant Wanted!
10 Feb 2006
Hey Andy seems like you know alot about about ecommerce.

Do you know any complany I can go to and tell them what i want and they go and find the company best for me.

Ex. I tell them i need a company to create a eccomerce site for me that has a solid bakend and have such features as payment plan, promotion, featured items on homepage and much more...

Thanks in Advance!!

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Re: eCommerce Consultant Wanted!
12 Feb 2006
Hi, I've edited the subject of your post to make it more descriptive of what you are looking for.

Most consultants are geared up to working with large companies, and offer outsourcing services to manage the whole auction process as well as giving advice. I'm guessing that's not what you need.

A small business advisor might be what you are looking for. You could try your local business advice centre (Business Link in the UK, I'm not sure what the US equivalent is, maybe SCORE?), or take a look at the following eBay consultants: (their site used to be much more eBay-focused)
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Re: eCommerce Consultant Wanted!
14 Feb 2006
I'd be more than happy to help point you in the right direction. What you are essentially interested in is the following:

1) Solid inventory management with bar-coding and labeling.
2) Research to be done on your competitors and your product genre so that an appropriate website look and feel can be designed.

There are a few companies that can offer this service to you. Try the following:

OS Commerce
MiVA Merchant
Channel Advisor
eBay ProStores

Be sure to find out what these services offer. What you should also be interested in is a service provider that can market your site and guarantee more traffic per product and a statistical analysis as to for every $$ spent, how much revenue did I turn over which is called an ROI (Return on Investment) tracker. Find a solution that can tie in eBay, Overstock, Amazon, Google, Froogle, Yaho Marketing, mySimon, Shopzilla,, Pricegrabber and other awesome PPC cross marketing venues that will help drive more traffic to your commerce hub.


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