Very best !!!

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Very best !!!
18 Sep 2010
Save money, save time - greate tool for buyers. I buy with this one HTC HD2 40 % less then usual price.
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Fake reviews
22 Sep 2010
This one, and previous 7 reviews of myibay all seem to be fake - all junior, newly registered members, all posting only one review, all recommending MyIbay, and all of them very unoriginal.

Wouldn't look, but noticed the latest review in the top right corner of ASR newsletter.

Is there any check in place to prevent review stuffing? I think it's very important for the credibility of ASR.

Everyone else, I would take all of these reviews with a grain of salt. And think twice about using a service that reviews itself with fake accounts.
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Re: Fake reviews
22 Sep 2010
Hi gmunsch.

These reviews come from very different IP addresses, and the user accounts are registered with different email providers. Several of the reviewers are from Russia, which could explain why the use of English is similar.

I don't think that these reviews are fake, but I will contact myibay to ask them about it. It's OK for them to ask users to post reviews, but they shouldn't offer an incentive (to be clear, I have no evidence that that is the case).
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Junior does not mean fake.
23 Sep 2010
Hello gmunsch,

This is not true, I do not use fake accounts to review myself. As Andy mentioned all of them were submitted by different users. None of them belong to me.
There are many reviews for other services left by Juniors on ASR. I believe the majority of them are valid. I think your assumption is incorrect.

I'm getting many users who share their opinion by contacting me using my own private e-mail so I suggest them to share their opinion in public. ASR is a very good resource and so this is the first thing comes to my mind when I suggest those users to post their opinion.

I never force anyone to do so and I never do it myself using fake accounts. I believe in the quality of ASR and do whatever it takes on my side to keep it this way.

Nobody is perfect, and so myibay have negative reviews as well. Those reviews help me to find and work on those issues to make Myibay better.
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