dZine-Hub ebay stores for Outdoorgear4u and Cycling_Gear4u

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dZine-Hub ebay stores for Outdoorgear4u and Cycling_Gear4u
19 Oct 2010
After hours of trawling through the net searching for companies providing ebay shops and listing templates we finally came accross dZine-Hub who appeared to offer the best services at the most competative price compared to other companies online offering what we thought was an inferior service for the money.
After a quick phone call and a couple of emails we had been sent the 1st drafts of our eBay shop and listing template design. There were a couple of things which we wanted to be done differently but dZine-Hub sorted it out straight away for us and sent us a revised draft until we were happy with everything that had been done.
After 7-10 days (A fraction of the time and cost other companies wanted) we finally had our new eBay store up and running. Since our eBay store has been launched we have noticed a great improvement to the sales, it has been a great asset to our company. There have been a few things which we have wanted ammending since we first had it designed but they have always been happy to help and make sure we got what we wanted.
We were so pleased with the first ebay shop they designed for us Outdoorgear4u, that we then went on to having a second ebay shop created for Cycling_Gear4u.
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