Listing Factory's great!

A review of eBay Templates Collection by dawn97
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Listing Factory's great!
31 Oct 2010
I can't believe people are having a go at this software: THIS SOFTWARE WILL PARTICULARLY APPEAL TO SHOPS ONLINE WHO ARE SETTING OUT ON eBay!

1. It's particularly good for ebay beginners who have a lot of listings to manage, if you're an online shop just starting on ebay this is definately the software for you because it gives you the same control that you have over your shopping software, ie you can plan/build/prepare/adjust/images/discriptions/terms ect to get the best possible outcome from your listings.

2. It's all managed on your desk top, all you do is upload/copy and paste when you're ready

3. Fantastic free templates! Professional eye candy!

4. No monthly fees

5. HTML (what more can I say!)

6. If you're a small business doing bad online: Ebay and Listing Factory are for you... and you can trust me on this I'm a small business just moved to ebay using this software and I'm selling!

ps: People who say it's rubbish are not using it right, they're doing something wrong or they're trying to sabotage it!

In the UK we need small businesses to succeed and this mix works. Good Luck!
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no i dont work for the competition and im not stupid
24 Sep 2012

how can i not be using it right when i have had it installed for 2 years? it works perfectly for a time then it does an update which totally screws the system and becomes unusable. customer service is patchy, yes occasionally you get a support reply in minuted up to a day but usually you get no reply at all. the softwares great WHEN its running well, get the bugs sorted out and you will have one of the best eBay tools going.

to insinuate people who dont like it are stupid or trying to sabotage it is a little rude, how long have you been working for them??
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