Customer service is AWFUL!!!

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Customer service is AWFUL!!!
9 Dec 2010
I have been using this service for years. I had a problem w/ a double snipe and requested assistance via a trouble ticket. They forwarded articles to me on things I need to do to protect myself from a double snipe, all of which I had already read. I've done "group bidding" many times and I have not had problems in the past. I had a problem w/ a very expensive item, double sniped, and i have recieved NO explanation as to why. I have requested an explanation of what I may have done wrong and I get no answer.

If I could just get an answer on my ticket I'd be satisfied. They had server issues and outages the same day I had the double snipe as well. I just want to know what I did wrong so I don't do it again OR I would like them to fess up to the mistake. I wouldn't even necessarily ask them to cover the charge, I could sell the double sniped item on ebay easily. The fact that they won't even provide me an answer is ridiculous!

I'm out lots of $$ on the double snipe. I will use the rest of my credits and then switch services. I am HORRIBLY DISAPPOINTED. I would recommend another service that has better reviews.
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