Great software that is really getting there.

A review of Teapplix by Chandla
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Great software that is really getting there.
4 Jan 2011
I was originally a ShipRush user for about 3 years. Shiprush is great. But the problem is there was no way to
1) Properly automate weights (by sku was my preference)
2) Print a product barcode on the label.

I BEGGED shiprush for a year to add these features. And they're no brainers really. Finally I gave up and tried Teapplix. It has a very large learning curve for those who have not used Dazzle. And Dazzle is a piece of **** honestly.

The one star is really because of Dazzle. The software is so cumbersome and ****py its insane. And its NOT their fault. But I don't know what Shiprush does to process labels, but its a far superior process. If they could internalize or modify Dazzle so that it works better and returns codes that are easier to understand as a customer that would make this a 5 star app.

Point is this. If you're using shiprush right now and have a large number of products you can't remember all the weights on, and also want to integrate into an inventory system, you need this. Get it, its worth it. I was spending about 30 minutes to an hour a day printing labels with shiprush. The worst part about it, is at some point my database corrupted and the team WOULDN'T EVEN LET ME PAY SOMEONE TO FIX IT. They were also very sketch about giving details to someone else to fix it. 10,000 shipment details corrupted and jumbled.

Now I saved a good 10 to 15 minutes switching from a lazerjet to an actual label printer, but the other 15-20 minutes were saved by getting away from having to manually enter weights. As a bonus I get SKU barcodes to scan inventory out on my labels!

The one downside is most if not all of your issues are going to be Dazzle issues. And Teapplix will divert you to Dazzle to deal with the issues. Dazzle is the bastard child of Endicia, and they don't really care that much about the product. So if you do a lot of international items, plan on spending a lot of time smoothing out problems. Its my opinion and guess that shiprush uses dazzle as well at the code level, but has smoothed out all the problems you'll go through in the background. Either way, if "computers aren't my thing" is something you would say, don't bother. But then again, what are you doing running an ecom company then! Either way, no software package is perfect. But I think in the next couple years Teapplix could breakout as the new large shipping product if Shiprush doesn't get their act together.

Apologies to the Teapplix team for calling in so much to bother you guys.
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