Excellent software for listing items to eBay at a great price & Excellent customer support

A review of AuctionTamer by Platinum-PowerSeller
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Excellent software for listing items to eBay at a great price & Excellent customer support
15 Jan 2011
Auction Tamer (with the Seller Add-on) is a great solution as an alternative for listing software such as eBay's Turbo Lister. I've been using Auction Tamer since 2003 & it has never failed me. In the event there is ever a problem (usually caused by an eBay update), simply post your problem to the support forum & Mike gets the problem fixed ASAP!

One of the best features of Auction Tamer is the custom template which allows you to automatically bring info into your item description that changes with every item (such as item title, shipping charges, etc.). Another great feature is the listing scheduler which lets you post items as a specific time without the extra charge. Another thing Auction Tamer does really well is item specifics - many of the other solution providers out there just mess this all up. Although I've never used them, Auction Tamer does have features such as inventory management, automated e-mails, and feedback automation.

Auction Tamer is desktop software, so everything is stored locally & you cannot access while traveling unless you have a laptop or can remote access your PC. But the advantage of desktop software versus web-based is that it is much quicker (and you can still get work done if you have internet problems)

The biggest problem I have with Auction Tamer is that it doesn't do everything. I need something that can manage eBay, Amazon, & e-commerce (website). I even tried one of these solutions - see my other review on Kyozou - that was a big mistake. I've now moved on to a new solution that does everything, but it has it's drawbacks & I still like Auction Tamer better for eBay. So, I figured out how to integrate Auction Tamer with my new solution. I have yet to find any other software that can compare to Auction Tamer for listing to eBay.
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What about Auction Wizard 2000?
18 Dec 2011
Great review. I use AW2K and what IT lacks is integration with Stamps.com and PayPal. If you find one that does that, please email me. I prefer desktop vs online solutions. I LOVE AW2K otherwise.
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19 Feb 2012
Thanks for your review. You mention you moved on to a new solution. Could you share with us what solution that is?
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