Worth the effort.

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Worth the effort.
20 Jan 2011
I tried this software last year. But found it too hard to get into, So I went elsewere.
But this year I needed a better soloution than what I had gone to last year.
Reading what it could do it seemed to be what I was after. But after my attempt last year I thought it may still be a very steep learning curve. but would it be worth it. dont get me wrong. I have pretty good knowlage of working on pc's and can handle almost all that is put in front of me. But the documentation on Linnworks leaves a lot to be desired and last year I found it too much.
So this year I was determined to give it a proper try, and what did I think!
Yes it is still a hard programme to get to grips with. But WOW. after 3 weeks of reading the documentaion (still needs improving) and a couple of calls to tech support. (excelent support and every problem sorted within a short email or call)
This is just what I needed. I sell across 7 channels online and was sick of logging onto each and every channel morning, noon and night to download all the orders, the logging on again to dispatch them. Then logging on at the end of every week to check and adjust sotck levels on every channel.
Well I spent about 60 hours learning Linnworks over 2-3 weeks.
In the first week of being a paid customer I saved 2-3 hours a day as all the orders went to one place automatically. Every Fri I save a further 1-2 hours byy not having to upload stock to every channel I sell on.
The more I look into Linnworks the more impressed I am with it.
My Conclusion.
If you are serious about multi channel selling, try Linnworks, Yes it is hard to get to grips with. But the end result is more then woth the effort. It does all I want to and more than I thought I needed, but the extras (dispatcjhing emails with tracking numbers, Returns, Exchanges and more) are worthe every penny for a programme that delivers what it promises.
If are prepered to put the effort into learnig the programme, the end result will be a programme you will wish you had found a long time ago, and will be amazed in what it can do for you and save you loads of time in the process.
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