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10 Feb 2011
Dear ChannelAdvisor,

As you will no longer communicate with us in any way I write to clarify our position regarding the threatening letters we keep getting from your chosen debt collection company.

After being a loyal customer of Marketworks / ChannelAdvisor for 6 years you forced us to move to your "premium" product or else you would take down our website. We reluctantly agreed so long as you handled the transfer and showed us solutions to the gaps in your software such as not being able to enter manual customer orders, only keeping sales order records for 90 days etc etc.
Five weeks in to the project you had not completed even one of the week 1 tasks and there was no sign of solutions to the show-stopping issues mentioned above. In addition to this promises made at the highest levels within CA were also being broken.

As you were determined to switch off our website within 4 weeks we had to protect our business by moving to an alternative software provider, there was simply no choice.

All this was well known to all CA staff who understood our need to move.

Months later you decided to send a bill for the use of the "premium" application that you completely failed to move us over to! Even if you had the populated software (which you didn't) then it would have been of no use to us as it had large gaps in which rendered it totally unsuitable for our business.

Your bill is now up to £8000 and is accompanied with all sorts of threats.

Let us make ourselves perfectly clear:

We never wanted the software.
We never used the software.
You failed to make it suitable for our business.
You failed every deadline on the implementation.
You cost our business a small fortune by forcing us away from the Marketworks platform that we were totally happy with.
We do not own you any money, quite the contrary.

Please feel free to take us to court if you really believe we owe you something.
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