Highly dependable, full featured, great customer service

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Highly dependable, full featured, great customer service
13 Feb 2011
I would never use a desktop sniper because it requires my PC to be on and working all the time. It is on and working ALMOST all the time, but I prefer the maintenance of my bidding machine to be the responsibility of people who do it for a living. And a web based sniper can have lower and more consistent latency Internet connections to eBay than a consumer.

I have used BidRobot for years (ever since it started as I recall) and won over 2000 auctions with it. My snipes are always placed in the last few seconds, and I have never lost an auction when using BidRobot (of course you have to pick your snipe amount well, and in that respect there's an issue of who wants the item the most). It has bid groups but I have never used that feature because there are never more than one being auctioned of anything I want. You log in with your eBay credentials.

I like paying for a usage period instead of a commission on the winning bid, even a 1% commission really adds up across 2000 wins. I think the price for BidRobot service is well worth it to me.
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