Page Mage not ready for Prime time

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Page Mage not ready for Prime time
19 Feb 2011
Have tried using Page Mage for a couple of weeks now and the service is littered with bugs, From not being able to upload pictures to outright outages becomes very frustrating. Service and Support is also lacking. Any issue that I have sent to support has come back with the same reply 'It's not the Page Mage service its your computer your ISP' or any other thing they can think of blaming.

The pages are rather eye catching and the concept is interesting but at this point Page Mage is not ready for Prime time. I would take a look at as the service is very similar as is the pricing and there are not as many bugs.

Maybe one day Page Mage will get it right or at least acknowledge that there are bugs rather then pointing the finger at whatever moves.

I hope this helps.
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I am sorry that you have experienced issues with Page Mage.  Let me address your two points:
4 Mar 2011
- You are right, we have experienced a few outages in the past as we’ve grown due to some issues outside our control and some inside our control.  We've taken steps to ensure these issues do not happen again by moving our infrastructure to “the cloud” which means greater redundancy and reliability. We have also just separated the description viewer from the main website.  This last step will ensure that your listings will not go down if the main site is down with a problem or for maintenance. Since we finalized these changes recently we haven’t experienced any further outages.

- You are also right that there have been bugs with the product. My apologies if your perception was we’re trying to blame something else other than the product. When we ask questions about your hardware and software, we are not trying to blame your computer but rather trying to duplicate your configuration in our labs so we find and address them in a timely manner.
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