Perfect Solution for Non Teckie Businesses (me!)

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Perfect Solution for Non Teckie Businesses (me!)
1 Mar 2011
I've read some of the negative comments, and must say I pretty much disagree.
We have been a client for at least 6 years, and have experienced fantastic benefits.

We are not an internet/ebay only store, and we are not very technically minded and do not have a great deal of time to study the micro detail of ebay/amazon and other markets.

Using Channel Advisor lets us take advantage of these markets without "getting our hands dirty".
We spent some time integrating the CA system with our own, and now everything happens like clock work.

We sell something like 60,000 items through ebay and Amazon annually using the platform, and do this with little or no staff involvement in the sales or admin process.

For a business with a store, catalogue, travelling sales reps etc this is a useful tool to enable us to tap in and benefit from an extra market - without the hassle.

I can't speak for how this set up might work for other types of businesses, but for us, I do not think we could do what we do without them (without putting in endless staff/management hours).

So, if you want to concentrate on selling, well worth the price. Probably not right for every circumstance/business -but what is!
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I don't beleive it
29 Mar 2011
What? Do you only sell one item?
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