Listing Template Design Fundamentals

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Listing Template Design Fundamentals
14 Feb 2006
It's important to keep your listings clean and very clear for potential buyers. When designing your listing templates, structure is extremely important. Here are some factors to consider when designing your own listing template or selecting one from Kyozou's DesignMaster section in your control panel.

1) Do no clutter your template. Buyer should remain focused on the product up for sale.
2) Ensure that your images are clean, crisp and some what of high quality.
3) Its important to understand that some internet users today still use dial-up. When creating a listing template yourself, adding too many logos or heavy images to your template might be the factor in break a sale.
4) Be sure to position your product images up high in the template as this is what potential buyers will see first hand.
5) List your company policies inside the template. Buyers should always know what they are getting into. This also serves as a protection method for your sale.
6) Some sellers like to state the steps involved after the sale. For example state the following on your template:
i) You will receive a winning bidder notification via e-mail with checkout instructions.
ii) As the winning bidder, you must make payment or payment arrangements within 3 days of auction close; payment must be received within 10 days. To make payment for your item right away, please use our checkout by clicking on the checkout on this page.
iii) Taxes are applicable to local state residents only.

Pointers like this can help decrease customer service overhead and possibly make the buyer's purchasing experience that much clearer.

Here is an example of a well formed listing template:

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