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2 Stars Down from 5
11 Mar 2011
Let me first state that if I wrote this review 18 months ago, inkFrog would have gotten 5 stars. Best service for a very reasonable price.

I was an auctionworks user for years. When I took time off selling on ebay professionally, I returned to find that auctionworks was now a Channel Advisor and the pricing had gone through the roof. Since I sell on ebay only (Not amazon, not buy.com, not webstores,) I started looking for a new management software. My major critria was scheduled listings. I list over 200 items per day and wanted a service that allowed me to space the auctions every few minutes so I always had auctions starting and ending all day long. While inkfrog wasn't perfect, it allowed me to do that.

On occasion, an auction would fail for some reason or another but it wasn't that big a deal.

Then what started happening was that I noticed that their software was delaying the relaunch of items. It wouldn't relaunch auctions for three hours, then launch the whole backup all at once. Defeats the purpose but for only $9.95 per month, I wasn't complaining.

Recently, about 50% of my auctions have been failing or getting launched up to 6 hours after they were scheduled. Any attempt to solict customer service is met with a short "The problem is with ebay not us." and no suggests or solutions. I have started looking around for at other management software but everything either doesn't have the features or is priced in the several humdreds of dollars (if they give a price at all).

Anyone have suggests on where else to look?
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a better solution
1 Apr 2011
I read your post and i totally accept the degraded service by inkFrog. Looks like they always concentrated on subscriptions and never thought over improving the quality of their software or support.
I have moved onto www.auctionlinc.com and very much satisfied with their website and support as well. They have almost all those features which are there in inkfrog and have far better looking html templates. They are not expensive even, just 6.95 USD for unlimited plan.
AuctionLinc seems to be relatively newer but they are improving constantly. Must try once.
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