Nightmare with CA

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Nightmare with CA
18 Mar 2011
The best part of CA was the marketing guy sweet talking you into signing. That's the only good thing about CA as i can see.
Stared implementation process. Too complicated. Very poor and slow support, Decided to cancel as this is getting no where after a few weeks. Could feel the frustration with the implementation team on the other side while teaching us how to use the system.
Given up after a few weeks. Not even started to key in inventory or item tittle and description or anything else.
Now being billed and as all the other has mention, threatening with legal action.

Lost my £500 registration fees which I did not even started to use the system. Plus a legal notice of accumulated monthly fees with final warning.

Rude reply from debt collector. Said could not cancel as contract has been sign.

No reply after that. Did sent a few more emails to both UK and US CEO Scott, no reply at all.
Sweet talking marketing guy on the phone also decided to stop reply my email on how to cancel my contract.

My advice for all others, never sign the contract before a trial implementation day or two with their implementation team. Implementation is very complicated. Make sure you are ready for this part before signing.
Implementation Manager with serious attitude over the phone.
Mine really just worth the time.

How did they manage to grow with this attitude. Something has to be done.
You are upsetting lots of user. Should channel more effort into Customer Service.
No joke. Stay away.

Instead of trying to get back my £500 registration fee, I'm now having problem with monthly bills accumulating with LEGAL ACTION NOTICE...
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thank you for you great advice about the contract and the trial
29 Jan 2014
Hi we are using Linnworks for over 12months now and it is impressive with no contracts and has streamlined are business at a reasonable costing, we have been receiving calls from ChannelAdvisor sales team for around a year it seems very expensive However Channeladvisor offer great results and we don't want to fix something that isnt broken however we feel we are missing out on large amounts of sales as we are being told by the sales team from Channeladvisor as you have stated you have had a bad experience is there anything positive you have gained from Channeladvisor or should we just stay clear.


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