Need auction listing software with scheduling

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Need auction listing software with scheduling
17 Feb 2006
I am a moderatly experienced Ebay user. I am looking to cut down on the Time and cost of posting ads. I am in search of auction listing software for use on Ebay, Ubid, Yahoo & I am looking to reduce my existing listing costs. Currentally I use Ebay Turbo Lister, but they charge for every detail and picture.
My current method to create an ad is to using Microsoft Word. Then Edit-Crop-Resize my pictures. Then insert them into Turbo lister. This method is slow and laborous.
I need a faster easier method.
It would be cheaper if I could include the pictures in the ad text. But I am unsure how to acomplish this.
I am currentally testing: Auction Lizard HTML converter, Trendy Listing Builder, Easy Auction Tools, Alien Files & Supreme Auction Light
Most of these limit the size of pictures or number of pictures in the ad. Most do not have scheduling capability.
I am looking for: (no particular order)
1. A freestanding program that lets you create ads off line.
2. Unlimited picture size.
3. At least ten pictures mininum.
4. Put ads into the text (Free Pictures).
5. Schedule future ads for automatic postings.
6. insert Animate Ads and Pictures that I have created or copied
7. Include Audio & Video clips in my ads

The best I have found so far is: Trendy Listing Builder & Supreme Auction Light. But both fall short of my needs.

Tell me how you create your sales ads ????

So if any experienced sellers\Listers have any suggestions, please contact me at:


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Re: Need auction listing software with scheduling
18 Feb 2006
Hi, welcome to the site

Take a look at these ad posting tools which include scheduling features: link

There are auction management programs with the features you are looking for, but they do a lot more than just list auctions so are normally more complex and expensive.

By the way, animated pictures would have to be created like that - an auction listing program wouldn't do it for you. I wouldn't recommend going overboard on animations though - they tend to give auctions an amateur look.

A final point, remember that many people are still using dial-up Internet connections so I would avoid having lots of really large pictures.
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