Life-changing, trustworthy software for no cost

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Life-changing, trustworthy software for no cost
25 Mar 2011
This is the BEST piece of software for coordinating your life on ebay. As we all know, the good things on ebay sell with bids flying in the dying seconds of the auction. Why sit at home poring over the screen waiting anxiously? Log in to Gixen right now for free and let it do the bidding for you in the last 5 seconds while you enjoy yourself elsewhere. In all the bids I've ever made through Gixen I think it only ever failed to bid in time once. Even my internet service provider has failed to help me bid in the dying seconds on many more times than that. You can avoid even that situation on Gixen by paying a tiny $6 a year. The creator of Gixen can go to sleep each night knowing he helps reduce the anxiety of thousands of people around the world every single day - and he did it all at no charge to the customer!! What a lovely guy! (And if you're reading this, you should set up a humble "Donate" key on Gixen that enables super-satisfied customers like me to pass you a few bucks every now and again - make sure it's payable through paypal.) This software has saved me many hours and many auctions. I love it love it love it and I tell everyone I know. Cheers
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