Hard to believe it's free

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Hard to believe it's free
29 Mar 2011
I've made my username here the same as my username on eBay so you know this isn't a manufactured review.

Probably like you, I had spent the last few weeks trying to find a good auction sniping program, so I wouldn't need to camp myself in front of the computer in order to place a bid at the last second.

So I went looking and found quite a few services - some looked like the very same service as another, same fees, same layout, just wrapped in different graphics. And I thought that having to pay 1% of the final auction fee (what a lot of those sites do) was fine - they need to make money too, right?

I had read about Gixen early on but saw it was free, which was actually a turn-off for me. I always want to know what the motivation is of another site offering a service. If it's free, are they bombarding me with ads? Harvesting sensitive data to sell to someone else? Or worse, will they grow tired of this pro bono project and let it die, leaving me having to find a different sniping program when that happens? Well, maybe someday Mario wants to sell the site, and at that point they'd charge for the service. For now, he claims that he "just wants the fame." (Read the FAQ on the site!) But he will also, if you feel the need to give him some money, which I will pretty soon, accept $6 from you to pay for a mirror bidding server, which is supposed to give you better accuracy should one site go down, but also help defray his costs.

Six bucks. You'll save that on the first auction win.

And I'll be honest - the GUI of Gixen isn't flashy. It isn't very Web 2.0. And right up front the site asks for your username and password. Like, the very first thing. I kind of like to be shmoozed a little before you ask me to drop my pants, you know?

Anyway. I read. I read the reviews here. I read reviews elsewhere. Mario, the creator of this site, is good about asking to have reviews written - that's why I'm here now. It DOES appear that the other auction sniping reviews for other services have a, shall we say patterned and manufactured look to them? The same grammatical errors in most of them?

Anyway - to the meat of this review. Simply put, this site does exactly what I want it to do, does it accurately, and doesn't charge me for it. I've won three auctions since I started using it a few days ago, and saved myself quite a bit of money on each auction, not to mention time (not having to sit in front of the computer). It lets me know when I've won, when the price exceeds my bid - it's a very clean, very simple, but very effective site and service. Love it.
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