Dont waste your money on stone edge technologies

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Dont waste your money on stone edge technologies
31 Mar 2011
Honestly there are way better. Stoneedge was once great, but uses old technology with no interest in updating in any way. There software has been inherently the same since inception . We bought their software and used it for 2 years. We had bugs, and long tech calls non-stop as orders wouldnt import, things would crash, etc.. Finally the program just ceased and their inept team could not find any reason why it stopped working. So they just said, sorry and that was it. No refunds, no alternate options, nothing. We bought new computers, spent thousands on tech support and labor, and was shocked on how bad the program and team was. I don't wish this on my worst enemy. There are so many other companies and ads, that you would be stupid if you went with stoneedge. The only positive reviews on the web are on the stoneedge forums, written or edited by them.

We actually hired a program to write our own custom software, which works better, and fractions of the cost. If you aren't that technical, just click someone else. I am taking the time to write as they got their money, and if I don't, they will get yours too. Good luck!
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Re: Dont waste your money on stone edge technologies
23 Jun 2015
Hi Howie,
It's disappointing to hear about your experience.

Recently I sold my company and have moved from online retail to ecom consulting. I personally built my multi-million dollar company with SE and now have many clients using it successfully. Stone Edge, when setup properly can be a powerhouse of automation for order management and purchasing. It also has a host of ecommerce best practices built in which many of the newer cloud based platforms flat out ignore.

There are many custom parameters you can setup as an end user to adapt the software to your ecom business type and shopping cart. For example, I had Stone Edge setup to automatically download, approve, fraud check, validate shipping addresses and finally print automatically. Very few ERP solutions can perform this and certainly not for the price of Stone Edge. This is just the tip of the iceberg but that alone saved me nearly an entire employee. I then switched that employee to working on our blog and customer engagement which was long overdue.

All said, if you do try Stone Edge in the future make sure to get some help with setup so things go smoothly. I've spent months looking at all of the current ERP Order Management systems and have had current demo's. There just isn't a better system out there in my opinion, especially for the money.
Best regards,
Travis Romine
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