This is the best program you will ever use!

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This is the best program you will ever use!
31 Mar 2011
I switched to SSB because I was frustrated with other programs out there. I thought I should try this one before I finally gave up. This is not just easy to use, but the customer service is right there. They are fast and friendly and more important patient. Just try it and I promise you, you will never go back. There is no limits on pictures, you can launch right from the site, more templates than you could possibly use, and they care. I know you think "They Care?". But they really do, they walk you thru it step by step and for me that is a real bonus. I am not that great with technology, but who needs to be when this does all the work for you. Just try it and I bet you will be writing one of these reviews with in days of switching over.Take a look at all the varieties of templates. They are professional, fun, simple, bold, daring, just about anything you need. You can make a perfect fit of product and template and there is no need to know any HTML. Heck I don't know the first thing about it and I make fantastic listings each time. Best of sales have gone up considerably. People are reacting to the professional listings so spending a little to make a lot, that is a no brainer. Now the longer you agree to stick with and try out SSB that better the value, but even if you took the $8 a month you would still be making that back in a few short sales. I promise your sales will pick up. Mine were in the dump and I re-listed with SSB with higher pricing and I am selling like hotcakes. Well what happens if I have a question..simple ask for help. They have the best customer service ever. I feel in love with their customer service long before their products. They walk with you, guide you, offer helpful advice, they feel more like old friends than business associates. They are quick to respond. I asked my first question and with in I would say 5 minutes I had a response. Problem solved, but they did not just walk away they kept following me thru my first, second, and third listing until I told them I had the next one. They were never pushy or blamed my lack of computer skills nor did the shift any blame. They just give you solid hints and tips and problem solved with you. I have never in all my life been taken care of in this manner and I can get rather snippy when I get frustrated. They were so very patient with me and so kind. I just felt strongly that I needed to bring this SSB to light because in this day and age it is so very rare to find a company who not only cares about their product, but they genuinely cares about you. Give them a try and I promise you will not regret it. You will be doing business with old friends. I know when reading things like this you tend to be on the fence, saying things like she gets a price break, perks, or so on for doing this. I didn't get anything more than a good feeling and honest smile in remembering the way they extended their helping hands and the hand I am extending to them. Play it forward is the way I live my life and so does SSB. Great service, excellent value, and extraordinary customer service. What are you waiting for? Sign up today. Don't waste another day with ordinary, not when you can have exceptional all the way around!
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