Error message does not allow you to get to your account and get delete old images, more money!

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Error message does not allow you to get to your account and get delete old images, more money!
6 Apr 2011
I've been trying to find out why my $9.95 unlimited monthly cost kept going higher, higher and higher every month. It is up to $29.95

I kept getting an error message everytime I tried to access my account and they don't answer the phone or are not available when I am available. I left a message several times.

I finally got a call back and they told me that it was because I did not delete my prior images. That they would credit my account for the error.

I could not figure out how to do it and finally gave up.

I am very upset, they should have issued me a credit (I am not asking for a refund, jus a credit)

I will make sure that this scam is told to everyone I meet and I will put a note at everyone of my listing from now on to let other eBay members know of the scam that Auctiva is doing so that they can charge more and are not willing to give the customer a refund when they should.
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Auctiva refuses to let me cancel account!
2 Jun 2011
This is exactuly what happened to me. I wasn't even aware that I was paying for image hosting because the payment went through my paypal account and Auctiva just started charging more without telling me of the increase. I tried to cancel when I found out I was paying $20 a month and they wouldn't allow me to cancel for 30 days. Now they want an extra $10 with no explaination for that charge, bringing the total to $30. I want to warn people that they will run you in circles if you try to cancel your account. They'll give you some story about too many images and you will be unable to remove them no matter how you try. I've spent 3 hours on this BS this morning and I am MAD!! I finally just removed my paypal account and my credit card from their billing system. That'll fix them.
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