Not worth the money and fatal product flaws

A review of AMan Pro by BRB
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Not worth the money and fatal product flaws
13 Apr 2011
I dont want to go into the full details of the issues I have had with this company but I would certainly advise customers should not waste their time with this product. It is veyr difficult to use, user guides are poor and inadequate and support, whilst quick is useless.

When I selected the service I read about some great features and thought it would be worth the high price tag. Unfortunately once installed and setup it became apparent it was missing some major functions. The main is to reprice against other sellers TOTAL price rather than just selling price. OF course there are a wide range of postage charges on Amazon from free to £10, so being able to price only against the selling price and not the selling price inc postage is ridiculous.

I have since found another product which has all the features I require, allows full repricing and is cheaper!

Save your self the time and effort and go for a proper piece of software first time round
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What is better then??? (at that price).
4 Oct 2012
You make this sound like some cheap bit of software when in fact it is anything but that. I have used it for over a year now and every time I try a different software I quickly return to AmanPro.

There is an obvious massive amount of time and programming behind it. Some of the English is a bit confusing (probably due to being written by geeks) but NOTHING on the market which is priced at $50 per month or less comes close to the features or ability of AmanPro.

And the pricing limitation you speak of has now been fixed.
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