A review of Auction Auto Bidder by waynec64
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29 May 2011
This software worked fine the first time I used it, However, I've just missed out on an important part for a restoration because it just failed to bid! With this type of program you really need to have confidence in the product to do what the program designer says it can do all the time, every time, I now have no confidence what so ever and will not be using it ever again. Don't buy it!
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Auction Auto Bidder
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Only as reliable as your compiter
18 Sep 2011
I'm sorry to hear that the software failed to bid for you. Since this is a program that runs on your computer, it can only be as reliable as your computer and internet connection. If any problem occurs on your computer or internet connection during the bidding process the bid will not succeed and this is not the fault of the software. On a reliable computer and internet connection it should practically never fail which is the case for 99% of users, the other 1% either contact me to get help getting the issue resolved or get a complete refund.

I also have the Online version now (which can also be used through the same PC software) which bids using a main server and is therefor immune to all issues that can affect bidding using your own computer, the bidding reliability of the online server has at all times remained between 99.9% and 100% reliable, and has maintained 100% reliability for the last few months, that includes the tens of thousands of combined bids of all members combined.
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