Excellent Product !

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Excellent Product !
3 Jun 2011
We have used CodeGoose's PayPal Batch Printing for almost a year now, and it has been quite a productivity booster.

What used to take us several hours per week to print and process using PayPal's tedious online method now takes only minutes .

We simply download all of our sales in one fell swoop and print them all in one batch -- no more having to open each transaction individually, wait for it to show up on the screen, print the packing slip, rinse and repeat. This is cumbersome even if you only have a few orders to print.

Fifteen to twenty transactions could take nearly an hour just to print. Your product cuts that process down to a couple of minutes. For those who have several hundred PayPal orders to print weekly, PayPal Batch Printing is a must have. Download PayPal Sales -- Print All. Can't be any easier than that!


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