Bidnapper not be trusted - be careful

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Bidnapper not be trusted - be careful
14 Jun 2011
I have lost items because they did not bid. They told me eBay did not accepted the password. I complained and I got no apologies what so ever. They have not contacted me after many e-mails. They are not to be trusted. I was bidding in an item and they bided against me making me paying for the item. I have contact them again many times and no explanation what so ever. Just want all to know if you need to buy something really important do not trust them with it.
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All I can say is...
15 Jun 2011
Wow, this couldn't be more false. We've had lengthy email conversations with this user, a far cry from "not contacted my after many emails". This user changed their eBay login info, so we couldn't place their bid, that is far outside of our control. I'm not sure why she thinks we "bided against me", we placed the bid, and the user won. I suspect it was ebay's proxy system that she was seeing. When it comes down to it, this complaint is about her not understanding how eBay and sniping work. She refuses to listen to our explanations, so here we are...
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