The Very Good & The Overwhelming Bad

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The Very Good & The Overwhelming Bad
19 Jun 2011
I don't understand why, but SSB's performance went from great to a lowpoint now where a glitch physically prevents me from sending listings to eBay! The customer service is excellent and the gals respond quickly and try very hard to get to the bottom of all the glitches and bugs that have cropped up recently, but the software changes and updates have apparently created a hornet's nest of difficulties for me. I've got to believe others are beginning to experience the same difficulties.

SSB's features are great and the over 3,000 templates aren't too bad. It's their new listing text editor which seems to be the culprit behind the latest, and most severe bugs so far. So, it's with regret that I must find another listing option. SSB is feature-rich and very reasonably priced but, if I can't send my listings to eBay, it loses all potential value. It's really a shame!
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25 Jun 2011
I agree what has happened top SB ?
I've been a subscriber over 2 years excellent CS templates etc but now that they have a new server have had trouble ~~ now my color palate has all gone to gray anyone else the Girl's have tried to help but everything fails anyone one used Fire fox?
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Overwhelming Excellence!!!! - Try it again!!
19 Oct 2011
Don't know why you had such a problem, but I'm betting it had NOTHING to do with SSB!!

eBay is undoubtedly the TRUE source of your complaints.

Have been with SSB for many years and there has never been a problem that wasn't
easily solved by the skilled, patient, knowledgable support group!!
And I have NEVER listed through eBay, just due to the problems (and a whole slew of others!) that you describe.

Give SSB another WILL NOT be disappointed:o)
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troubles and glitches
27 Oct 2011
I was experiencing the exact same thing! I was so frustrated and was devastated to think I had to give up on SSB... but then I decided to switch from Internet Explorer to FireFox and it cured every single problem I had. I tried following every step I could to get rid of the glitches and nothing worked except switching to FireFox. I had no idea it was IE problems. I'm just glad I thought to switch so I didn't have to give SSB up. I actually find that SSB runs super smooth now and my pictures upload so much faster
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