having problems with my photo loading on my auction on ebay at peak times

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having problems with my photo loading on my auction on ebay at peak times
4 Jul 2011
glitches and freezing going on, that never used to happen.

it has even signed me out, because it took so long for them to upload photos.
i have cable, and pay to have the higest Tier service.

but the most annoying thing, is when i set up auction to start at peak times,
find out later, my auctions listed with their launcher without any photos.

SSB explains that eBay photos must not of been responding , so it listed
without a photo. Their suggestion, don't list at peak times.

I guess they don't understand everyone want to list at peak times, to get the most money
for their auction. Can't they fix this, so that it doesn't list it until ebay photo uploader becomes available?

i also find this very hard to believe, since i have no problem with ebay photo uploader when i
use ebay directly.

other than those major problems everything else is ok.
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On SSB You Can Schedule Your Listings to Launch Whenever You Want Them To
19 Oct 2011
Are you aware that you can schedule your auctions to launch whenever you want them to?
Up to at least 60 days, and probably more.
By doing this you are guaranteed the time you want on the day you choose.
Now isn't this simple?

Don't confuse eBay snafu's with the always reliable and dependable SSB:o)
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