Big print giveth, small print taketh away

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Big print giveth, small print taketh away
7 Jul 2011
Yawn. I spent hours setting myself up with Vendio following their headline claim of "Sell on eBay", "Sell on Amazon" etc. I even went as far as printing out one of their huge 120 page manuals.

Then to find out that Vendio ONLY SELLS ON EBAY.COM and even there ONLY LISTS IN DOLLARS. No support for Pounds, Euros or any other currency or indeed international eBay & Amazon sites. This is 2011. GLOBAL commerce. We are not all ruled by the Dollar.

So to answer the ubiquitous Vendio banner ads "What's the catch?" Well, you're limited and disappointing.

Vendio = US sellers only. They should make this abundantly clear on their home page instead of wasting everyone's time.
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Vendio International Support
18 Aug 2011
Hi Steveharman,

I'm so sorry that we were unable to provide the international support you were looking for. To your point, we do have a link to our International supported sites on the home page (

It is one of our goals to eventually support international sites from our main site!

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