Kyozou is a awesome software, don't be fooled.

A review of Kyozou by levmans
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Kyozou is a awesome software, don't be fooled.
23 Jul 2011
I been reading through some of the reviews here on this site about Kyozou and i must say that some of you are totally mistaken, i been using Kyozou now for about a year and i am very happy with the service, customer support and software. As an ex eBay employee i knew there was a lot of options for software, but i did not just want any software, i wanted a software that was going to make me successful on eBay and various other channels including my warehouse, i had talked to many power sellers over the time i worked at eBay many which used Kyozou and loved it, when i went into a demonstration of Kyozou i was treated as if they really cared about my business and making me more successful by pointing out the holes that i had in my business and how their software was going to make me more efficient and profitable. Since that day i signed onto Kyozou i had no regrets and must say my business runs smoother then ever. Once in a blue moon there maybe a problem with the software but they are quick to resolve the issue when i call, besides what software do you know that does not have a glitch of two that has to be fixed.

We probably sell and ship around 80 packages a day, having Kyozou has made that possible, we know that the longer we sell online with the right tools the better our business is going to get with traffic and sales.

You can always go out and find a solution for your business, but at the end of the day you need a solution that is flexible for your business, the is cost effective, and great customer support. As an Ex-eBay employee i'm telling you 110% Kyozou is the right choice for any online seller.
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