Major problems to be solved !

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Major problems to be solved !
25 Jul 2011
We are selling on eBay and managing multiple products on different website is really a headache so i have many expectation with pro-store compared to Amazon web-store but i am not very happy as a eBay seller

Positive Points :-

Google optimization is far better then amazon , facebook/tweeter integration really makes a difference , I have received around 5 click on the very first day of opening a store so i guess product ranking or indexing is quite good then others.

Very good shipping integration and have ability to accept payment from various providers includes paypal unlike the amazon where we have only one payment gateway.

Fast to setup -- i would say no headache in management of this store.

Negatives :-

the major point for the eBay seller is the description of the item BUT pro-store only support 65000 character in the description field !!!!! i think they should start working on this as 65000 character is not at all a good idea for the major sellers to restrict their description.

Integration will completely failed with eBay when you have custom built template for your eBay store. Most of the ebay seller including me , have a large ebay template with minimum 3 pictures of the product and various advertisement of our products and detailed description, but as i said before this will create a problem and doesnt fit in 65000 character limit and you will not be able to use this SO CALLED GREAT feature

I further noticed that even if integration problem will be solved by the pro-store then also there is a problem of getting actual data from eBay because there are so many links and other stuff which points to eBay so if any customer visit my store and click on HOME or any other button on template which will direct it to the eBay store not pro store !

i could have rate it 5 star but not at the moment

I sincerely hope that pro-store will rectify these major errors soon as only eBay seller will have a major benefit for this , i am waiting for the update
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