Reveiw & brief comparison of Linnworks, Channel Advisor, eSeller pro

A review of Linnworks by paulz
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Reveiw & brief comparison of Linnworks, Channel Advisor, eSeller pro
26 Jul 2011
I have been using a heavily modified osCommerce website to run my business for the past 6 years and it fits my business well in the first few years. With the increasing of turnover, routine sales work are consuming more and more of my time, like adjusting stock & price
level across different chanels (own website, Amazon, eBay, Pixmania), listing new products on eBay/Amazon ... with annual turnover reach £3.5m last year, I realised I must change the system for good.

Channel Advisor as a company has awesome sales power, they attend trade fairs and host webminars regularly, and they have a very effective system to keep track of potential customers. Their software is web-based. It can auto-synchronise the inventory and process orders across the channels, with tools to help listing products on eBay and Amazon quickly. To my surprise, they don't even have a solution for integrate with Royal Mail and various couriers. Later they offered me a free module from a 3rd party vendor and a free SalesForce customer service module too which would make them a complete solution addressing to my requirement. However they charge 1% of the Gross Sales which is costly.

Despite good reviews, eSeller pro is really dumb on it sales technique. Their website refers to a major investment from a venture capital a few times which in my view is irrelevant. It takes them almost a week to reply my initial requests (made on their own website as well as a few telephone calls). Eventually a salesman called me but he is even dumber than his company, he will not study my request and seems to repeatedly ignore my points too. eSellerPro software is also web-based, and it handles all aspects selling including inventory synchronisation, order processing / shipping. There is no customer service module either, but they are considering offering the SaleForce CRM module in one year or so. Their cost is the dumbest of all, 1.5% of the Gross Sales, and around £2K for setting up a basic webshop ... Maybe the main influence of the venture capital investment is their confidence to increase their prices. They later reduced to 1% but with that amount Channel Advisor will give me the CRM module immediately instead of waiting for another year. I hope all my competitors use their solution so I have a cost

Initially I did not like Linnworks because there are some bad feedbacks, but they offer a very attractive flat fee and even offer free trial of their software too. To my surprise LinnWorks is really well designed (which shows they have a really bright architect). Unlike the other two web-based software, LinnWorks is a desktop application with a cloud-based database. I think this makes programming much easier and quicker because a lot of tools are available which are not accessible for web-based software. This makes it possible for them to issue updates / fixes quickly with a much smaller team. It also reduces the load on the websever so more users can work simultaneously without noticeable performance differences. The salesperson also knows their software well and responds fairly quickly. Linnworks does everything the other two can do like inventory management, order processing/shipping, product listing ..., but in a simpler way. The software is quick to setup (a big advantage). We have over 600 products and selling on three Amazon sites, eBay, Pixmania in addition to our own website, and we process over 400 orders every day, so the setup is not a simple job. I managed to set up this software alone in three half-days. Then I am able to train my team. You cannot get telephone support, but their support ticket system works well. All my tickets were answered in a few hours, and the answers are quite relevant too...(unable to finish due to length restrictions)...
If I am to rate the three software in 1 to 10 scale, my scores will be: Linnworks - 9, Channel Advisor – 8, eSeller pro –6
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