So happy I switched to SixBit!

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So happy I switched to SixBit!
29 Jul 2011
I have tried virtually every listing software there is and realized that I preferred a desktop platform rather than a web-based platform. I had minimal options with my preference and when I heard about SixBit I immediately tried them out. I was impressed and relieved that I had finally found what I was looking for. I will never switch again and will be a long time user!

The display is very user friendly and easy on the eyes. I can list for hours and hours! The information I need as a seller is complete and easy to find. Not hidden like some others where I had to search for what I needed. Each new release brings innovative options that I desire or didn't even know I wanted!

I really am excited that the software is going multi-site since I sell on several. It will allow me to have one central location that I can list, answer questions, ship and generate reports from.

The tech support is amazing! Always lightning fast with answers and help. They are friendly, courteous and hardworking and always willing to help with even the easiest (and sometimes silliest) requests. They are really building this software around sellers needs as the forums are always filled with questions from support as to what we as sellers are looking for and need out of the software.

I plan on be a long time SixBit user and always try to get everybody tho switch. It's an amazing software and it's only getting better!
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