Avoid! All talk no action.

A review of Linnworks by Wozzum
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Avoid! All talk no action.
9 Aug 2011
I have been using the free trial and I must say out of all the programmes I have used over the past 6 years Linnworks is by far the most disappointing.

The system couldn't handle importing less than 9,000 listings. I was given every excuse under the sun (replies take from a couple of minutes to a whole day, you never know which one it will be). The blame was put down to my computer, my connection speed, my sku codes and so on. You don't speak to the same customer advisor and I get the feeling the advisor's don't really understand what's going on. this has been proved by the fact that I was told I would have to fork out £45 plus VAT per hour to learn the system. What a joke! The customer services is terrible, by far the worse I have ever experienced and most of the programmes I have used have been from the US.

I sell on eBay and Amazon UK. I have around 9,000 listings on eBay and 15,000 on Amazon. If you have a similar amount or more then I would look elsewhere because there system simply cannot handle this many listings (haven't even tried Amazon yet).

There are much better programmes around. Don't waste your money with this one!
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you asked us to investigate and we did
11 Aug 2011
You had 8000+listings on eBay. The mapping tool was dropping connection all the time due to the speed of your PC. We have investigated it and gave you a full account of the issue and provided a resolution. You only needed to use the mapping tool once and all it takes is to refresh the list. We will not do the system setup for you. You asked us to perform full setup of the system and we refused to do it for free. What is wrong with that?
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5 Jul 2012
What program do you find does the job for 18000 SKUs?
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