Dzine Hub Feedback - My no1 choice for professional ebay shop design!

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Dzine Hub Feedback - My no1 choice for professional ebay shop design!
11 Aug 2011
I have recently had two ebay stores professionally designed, one designed by dzine hub and the other designed by another well known ecommerce design/service company.

Overall - Dzine hub ticks all the boxes and more, excellent service/end product & great value for money!

Dzine hub was around £1000 cheaper than the first company I used for a different store, not to mention dzine hub only charge a one off fee, no on going charges or hidden chargers for after care/adjustments. The dzine hub products/service is great value and worth every penny.

The store designs they create are very professional and well designed and are the best looking shop designs I have seen.

The turn around time is very fast, the project runs very easily and smoothly.

The customer service is incredibly good, my own project manager was great, instant replies, extremely helpful and after care is superb!

When the project is finished the shop is installed for you and listings are just as easy as before to list things with the new design (if not easier) unlike the other design company I used in which I have to use their software to list/edit ebay items with their design which was buggy, time consuming and annoying not what you want for a successful ebay business. With dzine hub, the new design works with ease with each new listing and it is easy to revise listings without altering the listing design.

If your thinking about getting your ecommerce shop professionally designed or re-designed I highly recommend going with dzine hub!
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