Sixbit Software Review From A 9 Year eCommerce Seller

A review of SixBit by mcwall
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Sixbit Software Review From A 9 Year eCommerce Seller
16 Aug 2011
Hello SixBit family. I am posting under feature requests because I believe this is what sets Sixbit apart from everyone else. I wanted to post this unbiased opinion because I believe Sixbit is going to rise above ALL other platforms over time and I want to be the one to call it before it happens A little about me - I have sold online for several years but am just really taking off with the assistance of a friend I met online. While I have sold over a million dollars on the eBay marketplace my goal is to do that in a years time across multiple channels. That kind of goal takes you in search of automation and very intuitive software. Since I began I have tested Channel Advisor, Kyozou, Vendio, Zoovy, inkFrog and Auctiva. There are features in each software that I like though each has their pitfalls. Apart from the usual pitfalls, the cost is such that it really is difficult to get going and if you're not careful they will sink you before you swim.

A couple of weeks ago I called the number on the Sixbit website and to my surprise a person answered, in fact it was John Slocum, President of Sixbit. I know, right? We had a nice conversation and he answered a lot of questions. I decided to test the software. I loved most things about it but it lacked one feature that will propel us above our competition. I figured it wouldn't work so I canceled the subscription. It was back to the drawing board and I was bummed because I loved everything about Sixbit. Over the next couple weeks I pursued my search online and came upon the community here at Sixbit. I found that people were making requests of feature options and the coders at Sixbit were actually listening and implementing, something I've NEVER seen in my life. Most software firms have a feature request option but it appears as if no one ever looks at them. I saw that at Sixbit it was just the opposite. That is what makes Sixbit powerful and poised for explosive growth.

I did some more research online and it seemed my feature that I needed to implement was very feasible. So I phoned Sixbit and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Steve. Steve listened to my idea intently and said it sounds like something they will be able to implement. My online competition is in deep deep trouble The reason for automation is to save time so that you can focus on making money by listing more items for sale. You're not making money if you're doing anything else. Sixbit offers a tool chest full of robust options. I have found that many of the other software programs offer a plethora of features though many are useless when it comes down to it. At Sixbit they obviously listen to their subscribers and therefore offer features that really make a difference. A coding team doesn't necessarily know which features are the most sought after, but the sellers - like all of you - who are out in the trenches day in and day out banging out sales know exactly what you need. Sorry for the long winded post but I wanted to drive home the fact that no one out there is doing what Sixbit is and we are very fortunate to be able to ride on their coat tails as they explode in the upcoming years. Not to mention Amazon is on their roster of marketplaces! Here's to the inevitable success of Sixbit!
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Reminder for Sellers
31 Dec 2011
Although mcwall's comments about SixBit seem to find a agreement all around, I would point out that one of his statements is hurting the eCommerce experience for Buyers as well as Sellers. His attitude that Sellers should focus totally on "more listings" is ignoring the Reality that these products are being sold to real Human-beings, and that as Consumers they (we) want to feel like we are being treated with respect. I have been trading on the Web for over 10 years, and I assure you this new trend on eBay where the Seller is relieved of all responsibility except Listing and Shipping is not good for Buyers or Sellers. My rule is, if I don't hear from a Seller personally, I will look elsewhere next time, and his DSRs will reflect my dissatisfaction. Also, many Sellers neglect to properly pack their products - this also results in losing my Business. This attitude of "Mo' Money" all over the Web should cease and be replaced with an attitude of "Better Service means Better Business."
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