Kyozou was not right for me, but it may work for you - Do your research, start here...

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Kyozou was not right for me, but it may work for you - Do your research, start here...
25 Aug 2011
After months of research into various selling solution providers & numerous phone calls, Kyozou seemed to have all of the features that I wanted, such as multiple marketplace management, inventory control, automation processes, and an eBay certified provider. Kyozou’s software platform looked good on the surface, but had technical problems & lacked many features for eBay, Amazon, and e-commerce (website) integration. After my ~2 month experience with Kyozou (Aug 2010 – Oct 2010), I canceled my service on bad terms. However, a representative from Kyozou did contact me to bring me some satisfaction after canceling.
Here are some things which you should check prior to signing up with Kyozou (note: some of these may have been changed since I used the service):
• Kyozou has one of the best web interfaces for adding/editing products. However, ActiveX plug-ins do slow it down
• eBay item specifics are set at item level (versus template level), which is good for anyone with a lot of varying item specifics
• No Contracts, but a terms of use exists to which you must agree to login to the site
• USPS shipping options are:
1. Pay $0.20 per label for direct Endicia integration.
2. Bulk label processing through import/export from Kyozou to Endica Dazzle
3. Manually add tracking number, shipping carrier/service, & shipping cost
• Best Offer – if you use best offer, YOU CANNOT SET AUTO ACCEPT/DECLINE LIMITS PER ITEM. Kyozou has a GLOBAL setting, which can apply the limits based on a percentage.
• Generic Shipping options – If you like to use Generic shipping options, such as ‘Standard Flat Rate Shipping’, Kyozou did not support this. The closest they had was to choose ‘other’, which maps to ‘Economy Shipping’
• e-commerce (website) is extremely basic & lacks many features such as Checkout with/without account, wish list, display shipping charges in cart, site-specific shipping/images (uses same as eBay), etc. Kyozou can customize this for you at a price
• Amazon integration was very basic. At that time only listing against ASIN – this should now be improved…
• There is a hidden features of Kyozou called ‘Virtual Products’ that must be enabled on their end. This is useful for creating multiple eBay titles for the same product.
• No automation for unsold items to be put back into inventory
• No apparent way to export product data (all exports tested only provided partial data)
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