Very poor customer support

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Very poor customer support
31 Aug 2011
I can only review my interaction with the company as they couldn't get their application (Sellebrity Auction Analytics) working with my eBay ID. They told me it was because I changed my eBay ID in the last 30 days and that there was a flag on my account because of this.

I contacted eBay in their Trust & Safety department and they told me this was absurd because no one except eBay employees in this department can check the status of an account and in fact there was no flag of any type on my account. Furthermore, they confirmed that my ID has not been modified or changed in 11 years.

Communication with Sellebrity was slow and tedious and they kept losing or closing my support
tickets. I would certainly stay away from a company with such poor support that lies to its customers so as to not have to take responsibility for their inability to support their product.
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