left for Bidnip 5 years ago after terrible service

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left for Bidnip 5 years ago after terrible service
6 Sep 2011
I'm cleaning out old emails and just came across my correspondence with BidSlammer. In 2005 Bidslammer failed to bid in three auctions in a month and then refused to tell my why. My inquiries expressed my irritation but were completely civil (e.g." this kind of snafu is particularly annoying"). Bidslammer finally responded with a lame and obviously untrue claim that my bids failed to meet the bid increment (the bids that weren't placed were way above the winning bids), froze my account, and terminated my service because of my "rude, unprofessional" emails.

It was such a bizarre, paranoid response from Bidslammer--and it followed such a breakdown of reliable service--that I was delighted to move to another sniping service.

I switched to Bidnip. I pay per snipe rather than a percentage of wins--cheaper than Bidslammer if my purchases average over $25, which they do. Most importantly, Bidnip has been way more reliable. In the five years I've been with Bidnip they've missed maybe two snipes and have emailed immediately to tell me why.

From the reviews here it sounds like the customer service issues with Bidslammer persist. I don't see why anyone should put up with a sniping service that is unreliable and rude . . .
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12 Nov 2011
The comments you on their forum were obscene. I would have cancelled your account also.
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