Same As Blackthorne For The Most Part But Buggier!

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Same As Blackthorne For The Most Part But Buggier!
13 Sep 2011
Been over 1 year since introduction and progress is slow as have done a demo a few times. Fact is it is a duplicate Blackthorne but buggier as the system runs on a microsft platform that does the same bugginess like all over type of programs that use the microsoft platform. Not a techy but know that programs that download not only their programs and microsofts almost always don't work right.

I have seen alot of companys come and go and never get jumpstarted on eBay. Yes, I am aware the developer produced programs for ebay in the past but they were never finished either and kept up to date.

Unfortunately 7 years of ebay listing and management tools none work or do what they should do and all are limited to be fair. I will stick with inkFrog for now as it is not perfect either but they have a way of doing business and not raising prices dramatically overnight yet unlike Auctiva which is a terrible company as the founder is not to be desired as I personally had contact with him.

My advice to SixBit is don't try to add other markets then ebay until you get sixbit operating properly and provide the features people need first. Second don't mention you will upgrade to other venues someday like Amazon etc. just to get people to sign up thinking in the future you will. Third your format is a copycat of blackthorne and I don't see how using yesterdays format will work today for the needs of ebay sellers.

Makes me think you don't know anything about ebay and selling but only about blackthorne.

What people want other than just listing software.

1. Accounting software integration
2. real inventory and ghost inventory plus making a order list
3. eccomerce integration
4. pos integration
5. amazon integration

All this integrated in 1 program, that is what I want and the majority of ebay sellers need atleast one or two of these.
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I disagree completely
25 Sep 2011
I used Autionwizard2000 for 10 years. I switched to eBay Blackthorne 3 months ago.

I did not black thorne that well. I was looking for an alternative and found SixBit. I found it to be more user friendly and understandable than blackthorne and the customer support was on the spot and perfect. I had a personal call to setup my network with my win firewall.

I find the program to be the best. The usps postage service is free and cheaper than ebay or paypal. Just pay for postage.

Program is easier on the eyes than blackthorne. Pics are easier to upload and edit.

The whole thing is better. What is best is that it is still being developed so it will only get better.

The sold me.

You want accounting software, buy it. Dont need it part of my listing program. Just give me export.
Inventory tracks fine, I see no issues.
It is intergrated with eccmerce, ebay and soon others.
We dont pos in our auction software. Retail stock items have no purpose in auction software.
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