I find this to be the best and easiest software currently out there for my ebay needs.

A review of SixBit by bikegraveyard
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I find this to be the best and easiest software currently out there for my ebay needs.
25 Sep 2011
I had AuctionWizard 2000 for 10 years. I recently switched to eBay Blackthorne pro. Blackthorne is workable software with all the things auctionwizard did not have. I still had things I did not like about blackthorne and kept looking and trying other programs. I could list all issues I find with blackthorne but this is a review about SixBit.

Lets start with pictures. Sixbit stores picture in database, blackthorne does not. Sixbit has a photo editor and its easy to erase pics with duplicating deplates, blackthorne has none of those.

Sixbit is colorful and easy on the eyes. Blackthorne is bland.

Sixbit support is instant and they will even call you, blackthorne support does not even reply and they say use forums. I even called ebay who told me to email blackthorne who never replied back.

I really like sixbit in its current form. It is being expanded and developed. It is growing and will get even better with time.

I am on board with sixbit and for all you looking for alternatives to blackthorne and other programs, I save give it a try for a month. You will be hooked.

Shipping via USPS using Endicia is FREE!!!. You only pay postage and the postage is cheaper than ebay or paypal. A Medium flat rate box is only $9.98 compared to $10.50 on paypal or ebay. That alone pays for the monthly fee if you ship allot via USPS.

The program is also intergrated with UPS just like blackthorne.

My only complaint and request is that a weight scale be intergrated into the program.

Looking forward to many years with SixBit and I have sold on ebay for 11 years now.
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Just a quick typo fix...
26 Sep 2011
bikegraveyard... thanks for the great review... I think you meant to say "Shipping via USPS Priority or Express Mail using Express 1 is FREE!". We integrate with Endicia also, but you must have an Endicia subscription. Other than that... I wouldn't change a word :-)
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