eBay USA changes web page layout.

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eBay USA changes web page layout.
8 Mar 2006

Has anyone else noticed that the US ebay web site has changed it's auction page layout? I did because it broke my app! So I've had to release a fixed version.

Do you think the reformatting will happen on all the ebay web sites?


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Re: eBay USA changes web page layout.
12 Mar 2006
eBay did announce layout changes to the top of the item page, with various sections to help new sellers, is that what you saw?

eBay wrote:

February 27, 2006 | 03:42PM PST/PT

Hi everyone, this is Scott Loper and Elliot Shmukler from eBay's Product Team. We’ve done a lot of buyer research over the past year, and one of the things we learned is that newer members have some difficulty finding the most important information on the item page. Basically, we need to better organize some of the information at the top of the item page (the section above the item description).

Here's a rundown of what you'll see in the next few weeks:

"Meet The Seller” Section - We’re renaming the Seller Information area on the item page to "Meet The Seller." Most of the information will remain the same, except for a few visual changes to make it easier to read.

New "Buy Safely" area - Directly below Meet The Seller will be a Buy Safely section. Buyers expect to find trust-related information in one place, so here we'll list the seller's feedback information, any applicable protection programs (such as whether the listing qualifies for PayPal Buyer Protection), and the seller's return policy, if specified.

Shipping Information Higher on the Page - To make it easier to quickly determine the total cost of the item, we're moving the shipping information up on the page, closer to the current item price.

Relocated Links - The Watch This Item and Email to a Friend links will be moved into the center of the "blue" section. They’ll still work exactly as they do today ­ they're just in a different location.

Show/Hide Additional Listing Details - Additional listing details, such as the Starting Time and Duration, have been moved underneath the Watch This Item and Email to a Friend links. These will be hidden by default, but you can easily choose to display them if you wish. Plus, your choice will be "sticky," meaning that these will display (or stay hidden) as you move from item to item.

View the Changes in Advance
To become familiar with the new page layout, we encourage you to check out this screenshot so you can see exactly how it will look.


Elliot Shmukler and Scott Loper
eBay Buyer Product Team
Any developers using "page scraping" rather than the eBay API will probably need to update their code for this. Changes that happen on eBay.com are fairly likely to come to the other sites in time.

Update: Many developers did indeed report changes to eBay HTML around 6-7 March.

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Re: eBay USA changes web page layout.
1 Apr 2006
Just to let you know that the UK and Canandian ebay sites (I haven't checked the others) have now changed over to the new web page layout. Applications that scrape these pages for data may need o be updated.

Version 2.4.4 of the Ebay Item Watcher has been released and is available for download.


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Re: eBay USA changes web page layout.
8 Jul 2006
I noticed eBay was mucking with the home page a while back...for example one day it was just a simple search (google like) with the logo. The design they have settled on looks good. eBay.ca has improved vastly!

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