$17,000+- p/m NET consistently. Only possible with AuctionSage.

A review of AuctionSage by astounding
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$17,000+- p/m NET consistently. Only possible with AuctionSage.
4 Oct 2011
Been using AS since 2008. Found it from desperate search after another eBay solution went bankrupt. Reason I choose AS is because it had a very unique sales flow management, that naturally forces an eBay seller to run their business as efficiently, effectively and carefully as possible.

To this day Oct 2011, I can't find any company who understands this flow and automated transaction followup like AS. You simply WILL NOT FIND it.

For example, with AS you can create a "Status" folder.

Like "Payment Received" status. And when you ship your items inside "Payment Received", it moves it to status called "Item Shipped".

When item has been 5 days inside "Item Shipped", you send a Feedback Followup email. It then moves that item inside status folder "Feedback Requested 1x".

That's as general as I can describe it. Power comes in fact that you can created IF/THEN conditions based on your unique eBay business. Hence adapt the Status folders on that.

In overall, it gives you an absolute bird-eyes view of what's happening with your business. And who needs to get what email, until you've received your positive feedback, where then your item goes into "Completed" status folder.

And let me tell you: I'm not just a seller. But a direct marketing expert. Business is my life. I learn all points of views. I must know it all, and test it all. I'm telling you this so you know AuctionSage isn't a recommendation based on limited view. But view that's very well aware of dozens of other eBay options out there.

As a smart, successful business owner, let me tell you: The best advice you'll ever hear for growing a successful eBay biz is use a management solution that naturally incorporates a proven sales process and conversion-rate boosting structure within it.

AuctionSage fulfills that criteria 100%.

Right now I'm running 2 installs of AS on same computer (each manages a different eBay account).

What more can I say? Download the demo. Please use it. And know you're using something that someone like me (with tons of transactions each day), depends on 80% of it's features to thrive indefinitely, which would've clearly not been possible if I ended up using the common monthly subscription solutions.

Good luck fellow business man! Go make it happen! Deliver value. Customers deserve it!
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Great review... but AuctionSage expensive
18 Dec 2011
Was looking into Auction Sage, and their $75 for six months is expensive. Auction Wizard 2000 is only $100 first year and $50 each year therafter. Do you know the key features sage has over wizard?
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