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4 Oct 2011
It looks great at first and you watch all the videos and you think wow this is going to be the answer to all my problems then you start to use it and it's all downhill from there. The main issue is that you can't get any help from anywhere. I hate to think what would happen if I was using them throughout the busy Christmas period and something went wrong. Read the small print carefully as using Linnworks will prove to be very expensive for your business. From reading the comments left I notice that the positive remarks are very, very postive and quite in depth, almost as if someone at Linnworks was writing the reviews themselves. My total experience with Linnworks was a complete waste of time. The team needs reviewing and if this was my company I would consider starting again with my main concern being the way I treat my customers. My overall verdict on this software: Total rubbish! Rude customer services and very unhelpful, an overall waste of time and money.
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If you are on Express version
11 Oct 2011
The only way support would turn you down is if you are on Express Edition (which is free). Phone support is not available for a free edition and this is exactly what you were trying to do - get us to do stuff for you for Free.

Don't see any other reason why you wouldn't be able to get support any other way. And even if you are on Express, forum and documentation provides most of the answers.
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The kind of reply I expected
17 Oct 2011
I think this reply sums it all up. The only thing you have talked about is money. I am just trying to warn people that Linnworks could prove to be quite expensive as your charging quite a lot just to get a little bit of help with getting things going. There is plenty of other software out there who have a very good (and friendly) customer support team and won't charge you stupid money just for a little bit of help. I noticed you didn't even mention the rudeness of the team so I am guessing this is normal beahviour and maybe if I'm paying the huge expenses then I get to talk to a polite member of the team. I'm glad you replied the way you chose to and I hope others don't get to experience what I did. I have since gone elsewhere and have found an excellent soloution with a great team who actually bothered to help me. Customer services should be your priority not fleecing the customer out of how much money you can. Shame on you Linnworks.
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Linnworks Order Management Support Rude
8 Jul 2012
Have been using Linnworks for almost 2 years. The basic functions work ok. Integrates easily with most marketplaces.
If you have the technical people on staff to install and figure out all the settings then it will do a decent job of tracking your orders and inventory among marketplaces.

If you don't have the techies on your payroll, Run The Other Way. Their support is slow, no matter which package you purchase. And their support staff is RUDE. Now their are a few of them that are good and somewhat courteous but a couple of them should really read a book on customer service. They talk to us like we are stupid little kids. I have been in IT for 30 years and never run into a bunch that talked down to their customers so bad.

The repricer is horrible, down all the time. It lost me so much money. I finally installed a new repricer and my sales have soared Same monthly rate I am getting over 2000 more items in the buy box and Loving It!

We are exploring new sol...
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Product works, but dont expect much support.
14 Dec 2012
Phone support is not available for a free edition and this is exactly what you were trying to do - get us to do stuff for you for Free.

Ummm.. actually phone support is only available if YOU PAY FOR IT as an added extra !.

The product itself does the job.. just.. but support is absolutely diabolical.
There is a community forum which is supposed to be for support queries, but they (support) seem to pick and choose what they'll answer. Many many times I put up a question and never an answer.. not even a "I dont know the answer to that" from support.
Very disappointed indeed.
The goods news is that there are a few other systems out there, which actually do what they claim to do AND support is efficient.
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danielbenson ishop247
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i found it so hard to believe that you could sit there any say all these comment ....
26 Apr 2013
Where left by Linnworks staff because they are so detailed and indepth??? You sir are a boneified idiot, in the same way you felt the need to detail your problems (by trying to abuse a free system) people who are please with the service they received also have as much to say about there experience. Let me just tell you one thing i am a user of linnworks i started on the free version which it cant state more clearly "HAS NO SUPPORT" the reason it has no support is because its free.. simplez.. i suggest you pay for an upgraded package if you wish to receive support, as any person with half a brain, we are on the enterprise package and the support is second to non, live chat is usually answered within 5 min email responses every few hours and they are willing to make changes you request we have had various thing implemented for us by linnworks which is more than i could say for eseller pro who we used 1st. Indefor you say im linnworks, im not.
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Linnworks is a fabulous product
7 Jun 2013
This is not my experience. I question whether this person actually knows what he is doing. Their support is excellent - you can call them, use live chat or put in a ticket. So your comment is fabricated.

I sold around 100k a month over xmas with no overselling. LW was fast and robust.

I think his is maybe a competitor trying to rubbish them (i see you have no name or details). Just ignore him, and thats my last word.

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