part 1 of open letter to vendio management

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part 1 of open letter to vendio management
27 Oct 2011
Overall I like using your software. Your CSR respond quickly and professionally. But there are some significant problems with your software in my opinion and I am wondering why these problems are not really being addressed. Its like to me Vendio is a company on the verge of greatness at what it does but has not taken the final step to do so. What would be involved in the final steps? I think developing a close relationship with some key users of your software to implement changes and proposed improvements would be key. I’m not saying I should be one of them either. I am still a small company and just starting with Vendio, only 3 months in. I think you need “consultants” that are bigger businesses and have been using your software for much longer.

I’m not at all ready to abandon Vendio but just perplexed as to why lots of seemingly simple program glitches just are not being addressed. Also, the CSR support is quite good. So why not go a step further and offer great videos and remote support. It is very odd. You are on the verge of greatness. Why not become great? To make a football analogy its like you guys are making the playoffs every year, but aren’t doing what it takes to win the Super Bowl.

To me it seems that upper management of Vendio is disconnected with the actual users of Vendio and their efforts are being focused elsewhere. Wouldn’t it make sense to have some key customers on Vendio board or a panel of long time customers that work with Vendio to make recommendations and to bounce potential changes off of? Just seems like there is a disconnect with Vendio for their customers that they are serving.

Problems with using Vendio. This is not a complete list. Just the ones that I have asked Vendio to fix that I can think of right now.

1. when there is a significant problem it goes to the engineers and don’t get fixed.

Problems that the engineers said that they would fix but have not:
a. Fedex does not work waiting 3 months on this one.
b. Major glitches with Amazon. Waiting 2 months already. It does work but Vendio auto updates my item title and descriptions and when I ask it not to clicking off some optional functions Vendio offers) it will not save and will not list.

2. does not auto send email confirmation of shipping to customers. No brainer. Why not offer this?

3. can not select when we email coupons to customers. Who want coupons sent out immediately to customers? They will forget to use it. Send out coupons a week after you have shipped makes more sense. They have their product by then and hopefully are ready for more. The coupon gets lost in all the other confirmation emails they are getting from us, eBay, and for me ShipWorks (the tracking number with link to usps that Vendio does not offer).

4. Where are the videos? All other companies your size are offering video tutorials. Written instructions are very hard to follow and time consuming. Vendors don’t have time for that! There are a few videos. But they only scratch the surface of what should be on video. The whole user guide on Vendio help page should be converted to video with audio. It would be pretty easy to do I think. Very odd that something this simple and logical would not have been done by now.

5. Why isn’t remote support an option for csr? Emailing is often very unproductive. I suggest doing a time study test and I would guess that if you offer remote support you will have much happier customers and your csr will be more productive. Your csr say that they it is not included in the costs of the company. I think you will find it costs you more not to have. Plus you will have MUCH happier customers. This is recent trend in support that seems that you are behind on. Eveyone else is doing that I have been working with and we quickly fix any problems and communication is much better. Help your retailers to grow! I spend up to a week sometimes trying to explain a problem that if remote login was available could be exp...
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