Well worth the free eBay auction service.

A review of Gixen by callahan
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Well worth the free eBay auction service.
29 Oct 2011
It's free and I have not missed an auction. If you used other auction snipers, this one is easy to use and has good instructions. I think it's intuitive. The other thing I like is being able to easily group bids on multiple items from several sellers. Thus, if you miss an item from seller A, then it goes and bids on the same or similar item from seller B. If you win B's auction, then it does not execute your bid for seller C's auction. If I used eBay a lot and wanted to make sure of an auction, then I would pay the $6/yr fee and get simultaneous bids submitted from two computers. Thus, you are ensured of getting your bid in even if one server goes down. I do not bid that often, so the free Gixen.com works fine by me. I think gixen.com keeps a history, too, but am not sure how long as I usually delete the history after receiving my wins. The negatives are minor ads if you are free member and using your eBay ID and password, but I have not had any problems with either. So far, the owner has been honest and up-front as he could be in my book.
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