poor service reasonable software not worth the money

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poor service reasonable software not worth the money
31 Oct 2011
yet again im having issues with Listing Factory, the software is basically quite good when it works, i find i need to delete it on a regular basis and reinstall as every few months it stops working. the after sales service is none existent which is surprising for an american company which are usually pretty good. again this morning it has stopped working, none of my listings have photos loading when they worked fine yesterday and yet again when i try to go to the listing factory homepage none of the pages are available. dont rely on this software as its pretty poorly written, especially now in the run up to christmas i need my listings to look professional and work and yet again listing factory has let me down. they are great getting in touch when they send you emails every 3 days demanding money for a renewal for 2 months after you pay them, i even got 5 paypal invoices sent to me and they ignored every single email i sent back with proof id paid until i got angry and used large type with liberal profanities then they got the hint i wasnt paying again. i wont be renewing again as its a waste of my time and money, they dont give a stuff about customer service and for that reason id say avoid avoid avoid
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