Amazing easy to use time saving shipping software

A review of ShipWorks by Archie
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Amazing easy to use time saving shipping software
4 Nov 2011
I currently use Vendio to list my items on eBay and would like to for Amazon but there is a bug there that they have not fixed for months.

ShipWorks is "bugless" software. Here's some of what it does:
1. click one button and all the shipments download for amazon and ebay.
2. the orders are numbered by shipworks making them easy to find and organize.
3. great search function.
4. link to ebay and amazon item so you can quickly verify the item being sold.
5. thumbnail of item on printed order form.
6. fast upload of orders from Paypal payment. sometimes this does not work at all on vendio.
7. sends emails to customers with updated direct link to their order.
8. awesome customer support. they logged into my computer and 10 minutes later they had customized it the way I wanted and got all the settings right.
9. did not charge for other issues that came up and quickly responded 90% of the time. and to do some of the fixes they saw that logging into my computer remotely would be easiest and did so in a few minutes.
10. very nice look and feel to the software. intuitive to use.
Well thought out software. Very nicely done.
11. prints out notes customers have requested for items. this is a big deal sometimes as customers ask for no invoice in box sometimes for gifts. Vendio does not do that.
12. This software blows away endecia.
13. many other small things that are just nice touches and show careful though and insight into what users would need.

I can print a label usually in seconds. type in the weight and click print. Some may question buying software just for shipping. I can process 30 orders in 30 minutes including putting on their labels. amazing.

Things I'd like to see that are currently not available:
1. does NOT tell you when you void an item that you will be refunded. this needs to change.
2. no easy way to see how much you've been charged for shipping.
3. easy way to ship items that have not been imported by ebay or amazon. (things I sell on my own store). be able to cut and paste address in one field similar to endecia setup.

Thank you very much Shipworks. I only wish Vendio was as thoughtfull as you are in their programming.
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