Shopster is so bad -

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Shopster is so bad -
1 Dec 2011
Shopster is so bad, no only do they charge you with our permission, they have transaction fees on top of transaction fees. They have monthly fees, they have every kind of fee. There technical support is ****, I was with them for 60 days, and wanted to rip all my hair out. I never made a single sale, and all of there products are way above retail prices - meaning I could walk into any store and buy the same thing for less.

here i am 30 day later, I joined Get Selling Today after reading a review on the internet about starting a sucessfull online store. I looked at there website, and looked at there profit margins and i was very pleased. I just had my first sale of 545.90 on my website (just before Christmas) profit of 59.10 - Transaction fees = 0.00 hidden charges = 0.00 needless to say im very happy. I contacted there support a few times with a few questions, and I got a near instant responce.

I recommend trying Get Selling Today for anyone looking to start there own online store - They have a 100% free trial no credit card required - it is limited, but never expires. There plan start at 19.99/month I believe, and thats the only fee you pay. I personally went with the Advanced package for the fact I get the most marking tools includes, it included a free professional logo, and it included Email Addresses Domain names etc.

Feel free to check out my website and Checkout Get Selling Today at
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